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TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Currently, one of the fastest growing products for use in commercial roofing is TPO (or, thermoplastic polyolefin). Throughout the roofing industry, TPO roofing membranes have many advantages, both in terms of installation and performance. As the world continues to focus on roofing systems that are energy-efficient, TPO roofing systems resist ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure levels in significant amounts.

TPO membranes are environmentally friendly, and their flexibility makes them highly durable and resistant to punctures. These membranes are usually laid across the roof, and then secured in one of three ways: “fully adhered” means that an adhesive is applied to the roof’s surface prior to the TPO being placed atop it; “mechanically attached” means that the TPO is secured to the roof’s surface using some type of screw; “ballasted” means that the TPO is laid across the roof’s surface before being weighted down with rocks, gravel, or similar materials. TPO roofing systems have been in use for over 10 years. TPO roofs are gaining in popularity for new construction and as the replacement roof of choice.


More & More Roofing Systems

For decades we have been an industry leader servicing property managers, facility managers & asset owners with the highest quality commercial roofing replacement & repair services.  We understand that the safety and comfort of your tenants, employees and contents of your asset is of the utmost importance and that isn’t something we take lightly.

Tapered Insulation Systems​

Tapered insulation systems are designed to provide the slope that is lacking on flat roofs so that proper drainage can then occur as desired, thereby extending the life of the roofing system as a whole.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC roofing systems have been in use for about 40 years, and they currently account for about 10% of the roof coverings in America. They are extremely durable, highly resistant to punctures, dirt, and debris. 

SBS-MODIFIED (Styrene Butadiene Styrene)

SBS-modified roofing systems are highly favored in climates with greater extremes in both Summer and Winter temperatures. Fibreglas and polyester are just two of the materials used to reinforce SBS roofing systems.

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